Nozzle (fire) breathing valve overview:

1, with a suction nozzle (fire) breathing valve type HXF-XJ/XJZ is the main safety equipment for crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, indispensable light diesel, aromatics and other fixed roof storage tank, can play to prevent evaporation loss and protect the tank overpressure or vacuum in the subject effect from destruction. With a suction nozzle (fire) breathing valve is the maintenance of tank pressure balance, reduce safety energy-saving products medium volatile. With a suction nozzle (fire) breathing valve HXF-XJ/XJZ type ventilation and fire retardant device installed in the fixed roof tank, can rise to reduce the evaporation loss, control the tank pressure balance control and flame interaction. It can carry out the features of automatic adjustment on tank inside and outside pressure. The electrostatic protection device is provided with a respiratory valve, the valve and the tank to keep the same potential moment.

2, a lot of breathing valve variety, each have different properties and characteristics, the choice should be to meet the conditions in accordance with its characteristics, whether can achieve optimal running effect, to consider various aspects of some objective factors. With a suction nozzle (fire) breathing valve type HXF-XJ/XJZ is one of the most popular products, with a suction nozzle (fire) breathing valve in the system play a security role. In practical application, its characteristics should be selected according to the type of the actual needs, and based on the maximum discharge capacity to choose their path is the best scheme. With a suction nozzle (fire) breathing valve is a new improved type respiratory valve, set the dual role breathing valve and tank fire arrestor. According to the national standard of "petroleum chemical enterprise design specification for fire" (GB50160-92) Regulations: "fixed roof tank Chu Cunjia, B liquid, flame arrester should be located and breathing valve".

Note: the suction nozzle sucking gas general compensation specified, and call the export can be directly discharged into the atmosphere.
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