Breathing valve is a pressure balance, reduce the maintenance tank safety energy-saving products medium volatile, widely used in petrochemical storage and transportation equipment industry. Breathing valve of traditional structural design is simple, because no set quick opening device, cleaning and maintenance is not convenient; because of long time service in low temperature environment, the valve port is very easy to freeze, and breathing between the valve and the tank is easy to produce the potential due to the poor.

The content of the invention
Aiming at the existing disadvantages of respiration valve, the utility model provides a quick opening valve model.
In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model measures:
A fast open type respiratory valve, including valve, valve body close to the inlet end is provided with a pressure valve, pressure valve seat is provided with a pressure valve disc, the valve body is arranged on the top of the vacuum valve, vacuum valve seat is provided with a vacuum valve, vacuum valve disc is matched with the groove at the top of the column and the top of the body, top of the valve body is provided with a side hinged plate set the U shaped groove on the pressure plate, the outer end of the connection and locking device, pressure valve plate and the vacuum valve disc are provided with elastic ground.
The locking device is connected by a hinge pin screw and nut and manual.
The valve body material is stainless steel 304.
Vacuum pressure valve seat and valve seat material is polytetrafluoroethylene.
Pressure valve disc material for the composite structure of 304 stainless steel with ptfe.
Vacuum valve disc material for the composite structure of aluminium and teflon.
Elastic ground for copper wire.

The utility model has the advantages of: manual fast open, easy to maintain and repair, low temperature resistance, antistatic, long service life.
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