Breathing valve is a kind of air breather which install on the petrochemical fixed storage tank, in order to avoid tank over the pressure or over vacuum making the storage tank destruct, prevent the outside flame enter ,reduce the tank fluid volatile.
According the countryGB50160 stipulate:“A,B kind fluid fixed arch-roof tank,should set arrester and breathing valve”.in order to meet the requirement,we develop and exploit all-weather(fire-proof)breathing valve whole series。Withing scientific and smart mould、completely specific-ation type、compact construction、light weight、huge breath capacity、small leakage etc features。The product construction have breathing type、single exhaust type、single suction type、reducing type、jacket type(detail information please reference HX series breathing valve).Every kind series can mount arrester, also can mount suc-tion、exhaust connection nozzle, also can manufacture any different material according to different medium such as petroleum、chemical、food industry,totally satisfy ev-ery kinds storage system process requirements.
Main technology parameter

Operating pressure:
A、-295Pa (-30mmH2O) +355Pa (+36mmH2O)
B、-295Pa (-30mmH2O) +980Pa (+100mmH2O)
C、-295Pa (-30mmH2O) +1750Pa (+180mmH2O)
D、Customer specified

Working medium:
Gasoline 、kerosene、diesel oil、aromatic naphtha、air etc, or other petrochemical material.

The stardand of manufacture and inspection
Manufacture and inspection reference to standard“SY/T0511.1-2010”.

Remark:flange connection adopt toHG/T20592-2010,PN1.0MPa,also can manufacture meet customer’s demand according to HG、JB、ANSI-B16.5、JIS.
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